There are many tea's out there! If you're like me and enjoy a good cup of tea I hope you join me on this discovery to find new delicious and aromatic tea's. Having a cup of tea can make you feel relaxed or energised, they can be comforting and some smell so amazing you wish there was a scented candle to match. 

My first tea to show you is this one I found in Coles (Australian Supermarket). It is by the brand Higher Living and is White Tea Strawberry, this tea is an approved organic tea made in the United Kingdom. As soon as you open the box you are greeted my an amazing smell of strawberry, it is more like a dried strawberry fragrance rather than one you get from a strawberry that's just been picked. 

The box suggests that you can also have this tea as a warm comforting brew, but you can also make it into a refreshing sparkling iced tea. 

For your hot tea I let the tea bag infuse the hot water for about 4-5min as suggested and the smell was amazing I went around and showed everyone in the house and they all agreed. It also tastes good but doesn't have a strong taste of strawberry I was hoping for. The smell definitely has more of a strawberry hit than the taste, it is quite a faint hint of strawberry. 

The iced option is a great way to still enjoy tea if it is a hot day or you don't enjoy drinking hot drinks during summer. To make a pint of iced tea; brew six bags of tea in one cup of boiling water and let sit for 5min. Then in your pint/jug add chilled mineral water and a few hand full of ice. Pour in the brewed tea and stir. If you want it a little sweeter you can add honey or sugar (the honey option is actually quite nice!). 

I will be creating one tea post a month so if you enjoy trying new tea/drinks I hope you enjoy!

Places to buy:

Higher Living Website (UK)

Woolworths (AUS)

Countdown (NZ) The Countdown website didn't have the plain White Tea Strawberry but they do stock other flavours.

Whole Foods Market (USA) 

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