I have recently purchased this purse/handbag from Forever New; which is an Australian fashion company. They are quite pricey for clothing but have some lovely well made pieces. I've been down-sizing my purse from a large handbag to this small clutch, and it has to be the best decision! I used to just shove everything in my bag (recipes, and way to many lip products!)

Having a clutch means that it is like a purse and bag in one. So it has a section for cards and I found this coin purse for $10 from Strandbags to keep all the loose change in one place. And is actually quite cute!

I never usually put mascara on when I am doing my makeup in the morning, I always have really watery eyes and putting mascara on then is a bad idea. Once I am at my destination or close to it I will apply it. It has stopped the smudging under the lash line when my eyes have a fit and start to run.

I have been loving the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil, if you suffer from really dry lips and putting a coloured lip product on always ends in it looking flaky then you have to try these oils. The consistency is quite different from a lip gloss, it is a bit thicker but without being sticky. Your lips feel smooth and moisturised once it is applied. Also the ones with colour like this one (Red Berry) gives your lips a hint of colour and I have found they slightly stain once the glossiness has disappeared. One of my favourite lip products ever!

Hair bands need I say more haha! I always carry hair bands and bobby pins around with me because even though I like having my hair out, when it starts to get in my face when its windy I just put it up out of my face so I can actually see where I am going.

Last thing I carry around with me is these power stones, I am still unsure if these work but I like to believe they help even if slightly. 

What these Power Stones represent:

Rose Quartz - love, ease stress and tension 

Hematite - protection against negative energy, promotes courage and strength 

Chrysoprase - optimism, conflict resolution capability increased, clears mind set

I hope your week is going well!

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