Having a clear and tidy place can not only give you mind balance and clarity but, also is a great way to use your free time wisely if you're bored or still in lockdown at the moment. As the saying goes; tidy house, tidy mind, right? Let's Marie Kondo your life!

Here is a list of 30 things that are worths culling or tossing out now!

  1. Out of date makeup and skincare products (there is usually a little tub with a number on the back which will tell you when you should stop using the product after you've opened it. I always find it handy to write the date in permeant marker on products as soon as I've opened them)

  2. Products that have only been used once or sit at the back of your cupboard

  3. Old perfume bottles that are empty or not a scent you would wear anymore

  4. Dried up nail polishes

  5. Makeup that isn't your shade or colour palette anymore (we all go through different styles/phases)

  6. That old tee-shirt or leggings you've wore to death

  7. Clothes you haven't worn in the last 12 months

  8. Clothes that don't fit anymore

  9. That old stretched out bra (go treat yourself to a new one)

  10. Old pillows (apparently you should change your pillow every 1 to 2 years, as they can hold bacteria, mold spores and dust mites; if you're having allergic reactions or your skin is irritated it could be because of your pillow)

  11. Old linen (if you're going to buy a new pillow why not change up your bedding as well to give your room a little makeover)

  12. Face-washer's (like pillows in a way we use face-washer's everyday and they can get a build up of gunk in the fibres, it is important to change them out every 2 years)

  13. Books you've never read or won't read again (donate them to charity)

  14. Old magazines

  15. Old letters, junk mail, paper scraps that have accumulated into a pile in your draw or on your desk

  16. Any out of date food that has been sitting in the back of your pantry

  17. Dead house plants that are collecting cobwebs (go get a new one, maybe a succulent, they can last a really long time!)

  18. Notes you've kept from school or University that you will never look at again

  19. Pens that don't work (we all have them, haha)

  20. And also pencils that are broken or way to short to write with

  21. Earrings without a partner

  22. Discoloured costume jewellery that always gets tangled up

  23. Broken cords that could be dangerous if used

  24. Candles that have burnet out

  25. Worn out hair ties that have been stretched out

  26. Unsubscribe to emails you don't ever read

  27. Old apps on your phone, you never use anymore (you can always download it again later if you change your mind)

  28. Delete old contacts or messages

  29. People who make your feel unhappy and stop you from being the best version of yourself

  30. Negativity (in your mind and surroundings)

It is time to be the best you can be and having a clear space will be a stepping stone in the right direction.


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