Now that it is coming into spring, and the weather is becoming warmer. It is time to freshen up and have a change of colours. Here is my hand care routine through spring: Start off with exfoliating my hands and lower arms; this help to remove any dead skin cells that are still on the surface. This will give your skin a new lease of life and make it feel fresh and clean. Really work on the areas where the skin is rougher on your palms and over your elbows. After you have rinsed of the exfoliant, pat dry your hands and arms so you don’t take all the moisture with the towel. Because our cuticles don’t get much attention and can dry out quickly, I always like to apply some cuticle cream and massage it into and around the edges of my nails. Then apply a 2-3cm amount of hand cream/lotion to your finger tips and evenly distribute it all over your hands and arms. Now you can give yourself a little massage to work the cream/lotion into your skin, concentrating on the dry areas. 


·         Palmer’s Cocoa Body Scrub

·         Healthy Hoof cuticle cream

·         Natio Wellness hand cream SPF15

Now it’s time to paint!!!

With a cotton tip soak it in some nail polish remover, to remove the cream on your nails. Then to make your nail polish last longer and to avoid it from staining your nails apply a base coat. Applying a top coat can also help with the strength and finish of your nail polish, the OPI base and top coat are really good and have a good application. 

My spring nail polish picks:

1. Sally Hansen Sugar Coat – Cotton Candies

2. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Back to the Fucshia

3. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – Sugar Fix

4. Max Factor Max Effect – Red Carpet Glam

5. Rimmel London 60 Seconds – Caramel Cupcake

6. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Cherry Red

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