Ok now this lipstick is a bit of a splurge item AU$55, but you can definitely tell the difference once it is on your lips! 

It feels like butter and glides so smoothly. I struggle with finding a nice lipstick that doesn't enhance the dryness on my lips. I always end up with that horrible dry, peeling bit right in the centre of my lips and lipstick always sticks to it. I have tried lip balms and scrubs before the lipstick application but it either still happens or the lipstick bleeds out. 

This lipstick is like a balm in its consistency but has the pigment and lasting power like a lipstick. These are described as 'excess moisture rich lipcolor' and they definitely live up to it.

I went for more of the rosy and natural colours. 

Colour descriptions:

Daybreak 508 - sheer but build able, light dusty rose with a light shimmer

Dolci 510 - rosy colour with blue undertone, no shimmer (my favourite!)

Brick 305 - peachy with a hint of copper, slight shimmer

The packaging on these is so sleek and durable. It is quite heavy, the lid and bullet case are magnetised. This is similar to the Marc Jacobs 'Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick' which is a plus if you take it in your bag, the lid is less likely to come off.

What is your favourite lipstick or product?

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