When I first heard about this is was via Chloe Morello's Instagram. I have see other products that are meant to be have similar concept like the 'Makeup Eraser' that every beauty blogger was talking about a while ago. The company was created by to lovely ladies who wanted to create a product that was quick and easy to use, economical, easy to clean, a no fuss makeup remover. Lizzy has worked with microfibre technology for 15 years and both her and Bec came up with this amazing product.

So pretty much you just use water! It can be either cold or warm to work; you moisten the 'Face Halo' and away you go, working over the skin in circular or sweeping motions I found worked best. The fibres remove all the dirt and pollution your skin has accumulated during the day even right down into your pores. It can be used to remove all makeup and is even safe to work around eyelash extensions as you are not using any product.

All you have to do after you are finished is wash it under warm water with some soap to remove all the makeup and hang them up on to dry. Then every week just pop them in the washing machine in a delicates bag to give them a good clean, make sure you don't use fabric softener!!

On the website it is stated that they can last up to 200 washes (in the washing machine, not counting just after use). This is amazing and great for the budget! Its like a makeup wipe without all the harsh ingredients and is reusable. Also it comes in a pack of 3 so thats pretty incredible!

I would highly recommend the 'Face Halo'! It did remove all my makeup, I did have to go over it again just to pick up any residue that was left over but after that my skin was completely clear! It is great if you are looking for something quick and easy to use that gets the job done, this is definitely the one to try out!

I put the 'Face Halo' through the test to see how it goes!

Video link down below!

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