Pretty in the sun or stylish while working, protecting your eyes from harmful rays is really important. Eyes are very delicate and can eventually wear down. Since the weather is becoming warmer here and the sun seems to become brighter I find that I am starting to wear sunglasses more often. I saw a post on Instagram about this website called Polette which is a French brand that specialise in eyewear. The creator of this brand wanted to create glasses which were stylish and practical but with an affordable price tag. 

There are many styles to choose from both in prescription glasses and sunglasses. And they are always coming out with new and interesting designs.

There were so many to choose from I had to put a few in my basket and then decide which ones to buy.

I eventually went for a rounded winged pair of fashion sunglasses with a dusty pink lenses and a light gold frame. I love that these aren't dark lenses because I find it difficult to wear darker ones while driving. The fit of the frame itself is really comfortable, it sits easily on the bridge of your nose and is very light weight so there is less of a mark when removed. If you are looking for a pair of affordable but yet super stylish and unique sunglasses I would highly recommend checking out their website, they ship worldwide. 

Orsay Pink Metal - US$29.99

While browsing their website I came across these interesting glasses, they have a special coating on the lenses that is good if you are looking at a screen for a long period of time. The artificial light and blue rays that come from screens can be harmful to the eyes. These slightly tinted lenses filters up to 40% of the blue rays emitted from your screens, these are not prescription glasses. It is like wearing special sunglasses designed for screen time. I use a screen a lot and I have found my eyes don't hurt or I don't get that headache that you can get sometimes from concentrating on a bright screen. If you use a screen a lot in your job or lifestyle I would definitely look into these glasses, they are also a reasonable price and come in a range of different frames.

e-ferguson - US$39.99

Do you have any glasses from this brand? What was your favourite?


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