After dinner is my time to start winding down and getting relaxed for the night. I like to go for an early shower and brush my teeth so that I am all clean and ready for bed so I can properly relax and not have to think about going for one. I prefer to wear sets of pyjamas because I find they are more comfortable to wear during the night and you don't get the riding up that you would with a nighty. Does anyone else find that annoying?

Next I put on my evening skincare, this varies between winter and summer. In winter I prefer to use a mixture of creams and oils but in summer I usually just use cream. If you want to see what skin care I am using at the moment I will be putting it up in a future blog post so look out for that.

Since I am living away from home and family I either speak to them on FaceBook or Skype for a while, we find this is the best time to do it with the different timezones. This is usually for an hour or two then I start to get tired and they have to get on with their day. 

If I am not feeling tired or find I can't fall asleep and am fidgety, I like to colour or read. Colouring is a really good way to relax your mind, it can take your mind completely off anything that is making you feel on edge or irritated about. I find it is like I am putting everything that is in my head onto the page through the pencils. If you don't feel like colouring writing those thoughts that are on you mind into a journal or on a piece or paper can also really help. Reading is also a good way to end the day, though try and find a book with not to much excitement or drama as it can add to the things already on your mind, and you could loose track of time.

I try and keep to the same times to go to sleep and wake up, especially during the week. I know if I don't get enough sleep I am not very motivated the next day and find things take longer to do then they would if I had a good sleep. If you are like me and can stay up late try and take small amounts of time of when you usually go to sleep. So if you usually fall asleep around 11:30pm, try turning the lights off about 11:00pm. Gradually do this until you find your perfect time where you wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and ready for the day. Everyone has their own times that work for them so it really is something that you just have to fiddle with.

I always like to have a bottle of water on my bedside table, if you are a cat person or own a cat you know it is never safe to drink your water in the morning because you don't know if a sneaky cat has decided to drink out of your glass and not their own bowl during the night. Also it is safe if you are someone who swings your arms looking for the alarm clock in the morning. You are less likely to spill water over everything if it is in a bottle.

Having a routine can really help make your life easier and more productive, you just need to stick to it! If a major procrastinator like me can do it, I know you can do it! 

Just give it a go!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!!

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