Everyone's skin is different and we need to use different products that work in different ways. There are a few main skin types; dry, dehydrated, oily, combination, sensitive. I am going to describe how each skin type will feel and appear but if you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of your skin I would recommend going in for a facial at a salon or skin specialist clinic where they have specially designed equipment to analyse your skin on a deeper level. 

I am a qualified Beauty Therapist so I will be sharing what I have been taught about skin.


There are two different type of dry skin. Dry skin is where you are lacking oil in the skin. Dehydrated skin lacks moisture, but still may be producing oil. 

When you have dry skin the texture may be patchy and slightly flaky making the skin tone look uneven. The skin can feel tight even after you have applied moisturiser, if your moisturiser disappears instantly this can all show that your skin is more on the dehydrated side.  Fine lines that a small and can appear anyway on the face can be caused by dehydrated skin. 

Using a serum can helps boost your creams when using in conjunction. A serum is usually four times stronger than a moisturiser and is designed to penetrated the deeper levels of the skin. 


An oily skin type can look shiny and feel kinda greasy especially while wearing makeup. The skin may be shallow in colour from the production of sebum, also giving the skin an uneven texture. Pores are usually larger and different in colour then the rest of the skin. It is really important when washing an oily skin type, is to NOT over wash it. If you are over washing it and using astringent products you are stepping all that oil and your skin will react by producing more oil/sebum. When you have finished washing your face your skin should feel comfortable, it shouldn't feel tight or squeaky clean. Using a gel or foam cleaner that doesn't contain high amounts of alcohol or stripping additives will be best for this skin type. If you are using a exfoliant it is important that you don't over use it, once or twice a week is all you need. 


There are two main differences when it comes to combination. The most known it an oily t-zone and dryer cheeks, but you may have a dry t-zone and oily cheeks. The pores in the oily parts will feel and look like an oily skin type and the dry parts will feel and look like a dry skin type. Using a cream or gel cleanser will work with both of these skin types, it is just important that you don't over do the cleansing and the product isn't stripping. Using different masks for different areas is a great way to help your skin and the different concerns. 


Sensitive skin can be anyone with any skin type, you can be oily or dry and have sensitivities with your skin. Sensitive skin may appear red and irritated, and after cleansing it or touching it can cause it to become pink or red and feel tight or warm/hot to the tough and also feel. With skincare it is important to be careful with product choice. Try avoiding fragranced products or products that contain alcohols or stripping additives. Sticking to gentler product that aren't to heavy or stripping. You want the skin to stay fresh and clean by using lighter creams that aren't creating a heavy barrier over the skin. Also have products that are pump or use a clean spatula/spoon to get product out of a pot, this will help to keep products clean and uncontaminated. If you are finding your skin is very irritated it is best to go and see a specialist so they can have a close up look at what you are using and try determine what is causing an irritation. 

It is really important to use the right products, using the wrong ones can confuse your skin and that's when problems can start to arise. This can be in the form of pimples or skin sensitivity. It is always important to steer clear of products with parabens, synthetic colours and fragrances, phthalates, Sodium Laurel Sulfate/Sodium Laureate Sulfate. If you are still unsure what your skin type is and want your skin to feel and look amazing I would suggest you to go and visit a salon and even if you get a basic facial the therapist will be able to let you know what your skin type is. 

If you want a post on different products for each skin type let me know and I will get on it! 

I hope you have had a lovely day!

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