I couldn't imagine life without my fury friends, they just make your day as soon as you see them and are always around your ankles looking for tummy rubs and lots of hugs! They always make you smile and sometimes do the funniest things, like going mad and dashing around the house a million miles and hour or one of their many character features that make them unique is showing (e.g. Nipper likes to hide behind the curtains and wait till Hazel finds him).

They make you smile, like the tilting of their head when you are talking to them and you can tell they are listening.

Nipper loves to go for drives and whenever you say the word 'drive' his head tilts from one side to the other as his excitement grows and he sees the car keys. He always likes to stick his nose out the window and feel the breeze blowing through his whiskers. I am not sure how he sees though, he is a Jack Russell, Foxy cross and has very long eyebrows and when we went for a drive recently I managed to take a picture of him and his eyes are completely covered by brows haha.

Walkies are also the best thing every apparently, it is never one constant walk, there is a lot of stopping and sniffing all the way around but as soon as they look back at you with the biggest smile and you know they are enjoying it, it makes it so worth it.

Like I mentioned before cuddles, scratches behind the ears and a tummy rub are just the best and they are always looking for them. Because our dogs are small they can become lap dogs and love curling up on your lap when they are tired. Sitting on the veranda/porch in the afternoon while the sun goes down and getting a cuddle from a fury friend is the best part of the day!

Who else has animals at home? What are your favourite things to do with them?

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