Since Fall 2014, Kendall Jenner has been the face of Estée Lauder. Now the 20 year old has her very own eyeshadow palette. It came out on the 15th of March in Sephora stores, and is US $48.

Kendall's eyeshadow palette is following up from her sister Kylie's sold out lip kits; The Kylie Lip Kit by Kylie Jenner

This palette is one of many new products from the 'The Estée Edit' line that Estée Lauder has brought out. Estée Lauder is mixing up its types of products and the audience it is aiming for, they have widened their range to attract younger generations. All this said it is still a higher end brand and does cost a bit more, but it is beautiful and if you wanting to have a splurge and try out a high end brand it is a good one to go for.

This palette is really interesting, not because it is a varied mix of colours but because it has two shadows that are meant to glow in black-light!! This would be perfect if you are going to a party or a night out, everyone will be wondering what you did and how you did it. Unfortunately I don't have a black-light and can't try it out but if you do purchase this palette and do have one, please let me know I would love to see what it looks like. 

Other than these shadows being able to glow under black-light they are still really beautiful colours to wear in normal light. 

The other shadows in the palette are not just randomly selected, Kendall said in an interview about this palette coming out. She chose a selection of matte and shimmery colours to go with any occasion or event. They go from more neutral, everyday wear to glam, evening wear and a pop of party!

Kendall said she had to put purple in it because that is her favourite colour and there are two different tones of it. 

The packaging is really nice and feels quite high end but still young. It's a perfect size to travel with and quite light. Inside there is a large mirror with Kendall's signature on it. The outside of the palette has a faux reptile skin look to it in all white with a blue spray on the front. On the back it tells you what sort of shadow is what; sparkle, pearl and satin. All in all I really like the packaging it looks clean and fun.

I have swatched all the shadows and will hopefully get to try out the black-light activated shadows and get back to you on them. 

Do you think this is going to be as big a hit as Kylie's Lip Kit? There is already an excitement about it and it has supposedly already sold out in Canadian Sephora's!!

If this is true and you want to get one for yourself I would get in quick and snag one up before they are gone!

If you would like a tutorial with certain colours let me know! I am starting to work on videos for my YouTube channel.

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