Winter is coming!!! And its time to rug up and watch lots of TV (hehe) jokes! But seriously.

I have always loved watching the TV show Bones when it comes on. But have recently started watching it from the beginning, goodness me I have missed a lot. I now understand jokes or things happening in later episodes. No spoilers here, but if you do watch a TV show that has been around and haven't seen it from the start it is nice, I am watching it with my mum and it is giving us some good quality time that we don't usually get. Find a show you enjoy either by yourself or with a family member or friend, and enjoy.

Now to the tech, I have been playing 'Animal Crossing New Leaf' on the 3DS for a few months. I know this isn't all that new in the world of gaming, but I originally had the first version of it and I am happy they kept most of the game the same; like characters and what the town looks like style wise. It is also great that there is so much more to do now. It extends the game life and excitement. I enjoy going on the tours on the island and it is pretty awesome that you can do them with people all over the world, giving you a chance to see what their character (mayor) looks like. I like how they have separated the shops and the town, and that there are more upgrades on Nook's. Altogether it is a great game and if you are into role play or town games this is one to definitely play.

As the cold is coming in my skin is starting to get dryer and its never nice to have blotchy makeup, but the Moisturising Foundation (NC13) by M.A.C has been amazing my skin feels and looks silky soft. I work as a beauty therapist, and my skin is always in the air conditioner and in front on a facial steamer. So while trying out other foundations I have had problems with clumping around the cheeks and nose. But with this foundation stays the exact same. I would recommend though that it might not work with skin types that are more oily, as it is quite moisturising. But if you have normal-dry skin it will work.

Also in the makeup department I have been loving the 'Rimmel Lip Lacquers', they do last for a while, have amazing pigment and feel good(not sticky). The only down side is they will rub off quite easily when eating, drinking or if you're like me and bite you lips. But if you don't ming fix in it up during the day the colour will be worth it.

I bought a pair of Converse shoes last month and have been wearing them to death. They are very comfortable and easy to drive in (a big must for me). I got the 'Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty' in white. There is one downside to having white canvas shoes is that the can get marks or them and you can see it, luckily that hasn't happened yet. They also can go with a heap of outfits; jeans and a nice top or a causal dress.

My little dog wanted to be in the pictures, he's a bit cheeky but super cute!!!

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