Unfortunately we don't get into the Halloween spirit like it is in America or the UK. I was lucky enough to be overseas this time off year and got to do all the fun pumpkin picking and try all the pumpkin spice flavour things; and my goodness there is tones!!

It isn't really the same here as the weather is hotter and we can't get all cosy in knitwear and go walking through fields to find the perfect pumpkin. The best we have is going through the big containers of pumpkins in Coles or Woolies (hahaha how many times can I say pumpkin without seeming obsessed :P)  and the Halloween themes packaging on cereal and sweets/candy, we just don't do it the same and I kinda wish we could. It is just a lot more fun and kinda over the top in those countries.

It just gets you in the spirit for the next big festive tradition, Christmas!!! Ahh I can't wait!

Only 55 days to go!

What is your favourite tradition or thing about Halloween?

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