Whether you're having a girls night in or even a relaxed Bachelorettes party, here's how to make your night special.

To make a girls night great it has to have pampering and laughter (maybe even tears of joy). So to start the night rolling get your girly movie collection together, or go to your local video hire. You can either have a big movie marathon or just have them playing in the background.

Here are some of my all time favourites:

  • 27 Dresses

  • Made of Honour

  • Bride Wars

  • Maid in Manhattan

  • You've Got Mail

  • The Other Women

  • The Backup Plan

  • Letters to Juliet

  • The Proposal 

  • Something Borrowed

  • Friends With Benefits

Next is the pampering, face masks are always fun to do. This always makes for some funny photos to look back on. You can get them from the chemist/drugstore; the single packets are good and easy to use. Or if you're up for making your own, here is a recipe that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft. 

You will need (makes 2-3 masks):

  • 2 cups of oatmeal (finely grounded)

  • 1 cup of honey

  • 1 cup of coconut, olive or almond oil.

All you need to do is mix all the ingredients together and spread it onto your face.

Nail painting is also something easy and fun to do, you could do each others or your own. If you do each others, you could give hand massages, making it a bit more special.

And finally the snacks!! You don't want to be going hungry, so here are some yummy treats that will please everyone.

  • Marshmallows

  • M&M's

  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

  • Fruit Skewers

  • Chocolate fondue

  • Cupcakes

  • Cookie Pops (Oreos dipped in candy melts)

  • Homemade Guacamole

  • Crackers

  • Popcorn (normal or caramel)

Hope you have an amazing evening, if you have any question or suggestions don't gorget to comment below.  I also have the muffin/cupcake recipe on this blog if you are interested.

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