Fragrant Jewels is like Kinder Surprise for adults but a bit more expensive. I recently bought a bath bomb from them, and this is my first ever time trying it out so I wasn't sure what to expect. I did look at videos and reviews on YouTube but most of them were to do with their iconic candles. So I decided to try their new bath bombs and see what it was all about. 

I chose the 'Bed of Roses' and was surprised how lovely it smelt. It was so nice in the bath and made the water feel so soft and my skin really smooth and I just felt really relaxed. 

Now the bit you are all looking for, the ring!

Well, it came with a really pretty, elegant ring. It is a silver band with a clear crystal.

And is worth... $10 

Now I knew that it was a long shot to get a expensive ring but I have to say the excitement and the bath bomb are worth a shot, even if you do it once, you never know you might score lucky and win a diamond. 

Even thought my ring only came to $10 it is still really pretty and I will definitely wear it. 

Have you tried out the Fragrant Jewels Bath Bombs? 

What was your favourite scent? What sort of ring did you receive?

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