I have tried and tested many foundations over time. Some good experiences and some not so good (cough cough orange face pale body haha). Finding the foundation for you is like finding a good pair of shoes ones that fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. 

You want to feel like you aren't wearing any makeup and that your skin can breathe. I have quite red/rosy skin and finding a foundation that doesn't make me look orange or to pink. I have found that going for a natural colour has worked the best to cancel out some of the redness and make my skin more even look. 

L'Oreal Lumi Magique is a matte finish foundation. It does have a slight warmer tone to it than the Naked Skin but this one I like to wear during the summer when its hotter and my pale skin gets some sun. I would recommend putting this on in sections because if you dab dots of it around then go in with a brush it will already of started to mattify and your foundation will end up with patches. 

Urban Decay Naked Skin has more of a dewy finish to it, but once you have powdered it it has lasted me through the working day. As it says on the bottle it is light weight and once it is on. Now if you haven't worn any makeup before or have had a break from makeup (which is a very important thing to do so your skin get a rest) you will obviously notice that your skin feels different. 

What is the foundation that you have found works for you? Do you have any recommendations of any others?

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