I arrived in America!!!

What a long journey to start everything all off, but so worth what is ahead. I have now finished at the Cultural Care College and here is what I did in pictures.

When you arrive at the college you are welcomed by the Cultural Care ladies and given a little bit of information on the college grounds and what to expect for the next three 4 days. 

You share a room with other girls (or if your a guy you'll be in the guys room), this is really great so that you get to meet some people who are going to be living around the same area as you. 

For the next 3 days you will learn all about taking care of infants and children, and do your First Aid and Red Cross Certificate. The workbooks are really informative and are great to just hang onto and revisit any questions you may have in your Au Pair year. 

On the third day in the afternoon you will be able to go on the New York City Trip if you have payed for it, this consists of a bus tour around and time to either get out and take pictures or take pictures from the bus. 

On my tour, our tour guide took us to see some pretty cool things, one of them is  the apartment (exterior) that they used in one of my all time favourite TV shows 'Friends'. We also got to see the Google building, New York Times building, Carlo's Bakery, the Broadway strip and a section in Central Park.

You can also go on the 'Top of the Rocks for an extra fee, and take some amazing photos!

Then from the Top of the Rocks we walked all the way down to the Empire State Building. On the way we got to walk through Times Square and we passed the New York State Library. Then we grabbed something to eat a lovely place which I can't remember the name of, so if you recognise the packaging could you please leave a comment below, thank you.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave a comment below and I shall get back to you as soon as I can.

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