I have read about Barry M on other blogs and always thought it wasn't sold in Australia. Until I discovered it hidden in the beauty section in Big W (discount department store)! There wasn't a great selection of colours but I chose a few that would be perfect for the wintry days at the moment.

I have been loving coppery colours and as soon as I saw these metallic nail polishes it was love at first sigh (haha). Considering these aren't an expensive nail polish it did last quite a long time while being put through the daily grind.

When I saw 'Coconut Infusion' I was intrigued, What does this mean? Does it have any benefits?

This polish will cure to a gel-like finish giving it that opaque and glossy look. In the polish formula they have added coconut oil and coconut water that will hydrate the nails while there is also vitamins B & C which will help strengthen.

When I purchased the Sunset Daylight Curing top coat I didn't realise it had matching polishes, I decided to still try it with the normal Barry M polishes and my nails still had the hi-shine finish and they did last a few day more than my regular top coat gives me. I can usually wear regular nail polish for about 3 days before it starts to chip but I managed to get 5 day out of the Barry M with a slight chip to my pointer finger. All in all these are definitely a new favourite and I will have to find out if I can get some more of the colours!

Hope you have a wonderful sunny day!


Sunset DayLight Curing Top Coat

Coconut Infusion Gel Nail Paint - LAGUNA

Molten Metal Nail Paint - COPPER MINE

Aquarium Collection Nail Paint - MEDITERRANEAN

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