Festive Lush Picks You Must Try | 2020

Can you smell it? Christmas is in the air especially at Lush, and we are all ready to melt the days away and bring in the jolly season with some reminiscing with some memorable festive scents. Also some new warm, spicy aromas and fresh, crisp scents have landed in the holy grail place where you can find all your shower and tub-related pleasures this festive season.

Butterbear $5.95

With cocoa butter and ylang ylang, this year the Butterbear has a new look, but still has the delicious cosy fragrance. After a soak with this bath bomb, your skin will feel soft and your mind will be relaxed.

Yog Nog $10.95/100g

Shower times filled with this golden goodness is like Christmas for grown-ups. This festive shower gel is not only vegan but all palm oil and SLS free and the glitter is plastic-free. Making it not only a cosy caramel scented lather but also safe for the environment.

Winter Garden $7.95

Needing a break from reality? Relax and soak away the outside world in your tub with the heavenly scents of calming ylang ylang, bergamont, Marigold, Dried Blue Linaria and Pink Cornflower Petals.

Tick-Tock $7.95

Make bath time fun and invigorating with this bath bomb, it's plastic-free glitter, has popping candy and a refreshing citrus scent that will make you feel refreshed, awake and ready to take on the day. Or it's also great for a pick me up.

Snowman Dreaming $6.95

Lay back, relax and watch as this bath bomb glides around the water leaving a beautiful rainbow in its path while a lavender scent fills the air. Everyone loves a bit of magic.

Snow Fairy Shampoo Bar $15.95

This is one of the new additions to the Lush Christmas collection. They have taken one of the most popular scents and turned it into a shampoo bar. This is sweet, hydrating shampoo bar is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who is an avid Snow Fairy lover.

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb $9.95

Another Snow Fairy scented must have this time of year. Place it in your warm bath and watch your water glisten with snowflake swirls with plastic-free lustre.

Snow Fairy Wonderball $15.95

If your looking for a bath bomb that you can use more than once, or to create a bubbly sanctuary. You have to try this one out. It is in the popular scent 'Snow Fairy' and includes a loose centre mixture to create amazing bubbles and two bath bombs (the star lid and the pink base/shell).

Shoot For The Stars $9.95

Soak away in a starry night of deep blue water that will make your skin soft and hydrated, all while basking in the sweet creamy scents of Cocoa Butter, Coconut, Orange and Almond Oils. The ultimate Christmas bath skin treat.

Roasting Chestnuts On An Open Fire $10.95

The ultimate Christmas shower gel! This divine marzipan

scented shower gel will not only make your skin feel amazing

but with all the festive spiced scents like chestnut purée,

cinnamomum cassia (a sweeter cinnamon) and Cedarwood oil

you will feel jolly as soon as you open the bottle.

Santa's Belly $11.95

This is a popular recurring product that always makes it into everyones baskets. This Christmas shower jelly is refreshing with grape juice and orange flower absolute, while leaving your skin feel cleansed and soft.

Polar Bear $9.95

This adorable soap is not only cute addition to your soap dish, but it is also packed full with coconut goodness which is released when lathered with warm water. This cutie is a nice change to keeping your hand clean and also moisturised through these times.

Polar Bear Plunge $9.95

Another adorable bear, Lush has a few cuties this season. This little bear is the opposite to his neighbour the Butterbear. The Polar Bear Plunge is a fresh minty blast straight from the Arctic, along with the glistening snowy bubbles.

Once Upon A Time $18.95/100g

This apple-solutely delicious softening body lotion is the perfect addition to any bath time routine this Christmas season. Filled with brighting apple scented goodness and softening organic illipe butter. You will feel all festive and fresh with this light body lotion on.

Orange $18.95/330g

This zesty natural scrub will invigorate the senses while exfoliating and dead skin away with this sea salt scrub to brighten your skin with vitamin C, and uplift your senses with rich orange and citrus notes through aromatherapy.

Luxury Lush Pud $9.95

Another popular item from the Lush Christmas range. This sweet blackcurrant and cypress oil will give you an energising lift while soothing your body. If you haven't tried this one yet, I'd highly recommend it. It was the first ever bath bomb I purchased from Lush.

Kinky Boots $11.95

You can enjoy this bubble bar throughout the whole Christmas season. I can usually get about 2 - 3 baths out of a Lush bubble bar. This one is infused with jasmine, vegan musk and softening cocoa butter to create luxurious bubbles, perfect for your next bath.

Jingle Bells $9.95

This refreshing bath bomb will create a colourful bath filled with blue and red swirls while fresh orange and citrus notes fill the air. Plus it also jingles like a bell thanks to the bath crystals in the centre.

I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas $5.95

This little cute is one of my new favourites this season. This happy and cheerful bath bomb fizzes around your tub like a little swimming hippo, leaving a beautiful purple raspberry scented aroma behind.

Honey I Washed The Kids $25.50

Looking for a gift that is perfect for secret Santa or a stocking suffer? Look no further, Lush has brought out a selecting of soaps with matching dish sets that are a perfect gift for someone or yourself. This soap has to be one of my all time favourites. Golden Pear is also a delicious spiced soap perfect for this time of year.

Holly Golightly Wonderball $15.95

Another 3 in 1 bath bomb, this one is filled with uplifting citrus scents. It is perfect for a gift to someone or treat yourself. You deserve it!

Golden Wonder $11.95

I think this is one of the most popular bath bombs that you see every blogger showing in their hauls this time of year. I remember Lush brought out an extra large version of this last year, unfortunately I wasn't able to get one, hopefully they bring it back closer to Christmas.

Candy Cane $7.95

Another deliciously festive bubble bar to add to the collection this Christmas. Enjoy a bubbly bath again and again filled with citrus, bergamot and sunny happy scents filling your bathroom with a fresh fruity fragrance.

Angels Delight $6.95

This bath bomb bring the classic Lush Christmas experience to life in your bathroom. It is just like walking into a Lush store, it will fill the room with sweet candy fragrances and filling your bath with beautiful pink and orange sparkly swirls of magic.

Bûche De Noël $17.95

A Christmas treat for your face and body. This luxurious, creamy cleanser with leave your skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and bright. It is made with hydrating organic cocoa butter, almonds and mandarins to create a relaxing experience every time you wash your face.

Do you have a favourite Lush product? Is there something that you would recommend to try? Let me know in the comments below, which ones are your favourites all year round and also in the Christmas season.

(All prices are in Australian Dollars)


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