I have been really interested in finding out what products and just everyday items I enjoy using throughout the day. Here are some of the things I use regularly.

Since I have now finished school I have begun reading regularly again. I like to read multiple books at a time. The two books I am reading at the moment are ‘The Lives of Stella Bain’ – by Anita Shreve; which you join Stella on a self-discovery, because she can’t remember who she was, only her name and that she can drive an ambulance.

‘The Proposal’ – by Tasmina Perry is about the difference in generations. The stories of the “dazzling days” of the past and the love that was lost and new love found. Both novels have a romantic historical feel to them. They are both lovely stories to read. The last book I love reading and using is

‘The Little Paris Kitchen’ – by Rachel Khoo, French cooking doesn’t need to be hard, the recipes are easy to follow and the images always help to imagine what they should look like.

I have been enjoying listening to Little Mix and One Direction’s recent albums. Their styles have changed quite a bit from their previous albums. They have matured in their music, and have become more rock/RnB. What do you think about the new style? It was a bit of a surprise that they have changed so much. But since they can pull it off, good on them.

I have been enjoying wearing more floral scents, these scent smell quite different. The One Direction ‘Our Moment’, is lighter and suitable from spring through to summer. It has a good balance between beautiful floral without being too overpowering. This is ideal if you are looking for a light feminine smell.

‘La Petite Robe Noire’ by Guerlain has a total of 5 different aromas. The two that I got in travel size both have a French aspect to them. When you smell them you can imagine being in France somewhere.

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