I am always looking for a new recipe to try and make, some don't always work out but and I end up experimenting and my family are alway brave enough to try my baking/cooking creations (haha).

We have a book store in town that sells books for $10 and under; they get all their books from bookstore that are no longer stocking a certain book anymore. 

Four of these books were from that store and one from another book shop and was a bit more expensive. 


This has some great recipes if you are someone who enjoys making healthy and refreshing beverage or wanting a light pick-me-up. 

It explains what a 'Superfood' is and it's benefits for boosting emotional and physical health through the right ingredients. 

A really good tip I have learnt from it is that the time you break the protective layer of a fruit or vegetable it starts to decompose and its cells start to die and when that happens its nutrients start to decrease. So once you make a juice it is important to consume it straight away so you get all the nutrients.


This was the only book I didn't get from the $10 bookshop. It is filled with delicious and beautiful creations that transport you to a Parisian Patisserie; you can just imagine it. It has recipes on candied fruits, confectionary, chocolate, cakes, gâteaux and so much more! 

There is plenty to choose from depending on what you fancy; traditional treats or one's with a modern twist.


This doughy, sugar filled book has 50 delicious simple and decadent delights that will warm your insides and perfect with a cup of tea!

It has some traditional recipes from different cultures and also some creative additions like 'Banana Split Donuts', paleo and vegan doughnuts.

There is so many to choose from and it even has a savoury version.


Mary Mattern is a self-taught cook and has been a personal chef to celebrities like Ellie Goulding. Her cookbook has a variety of different recipes that take a twist on the traditional by using plant based produce.

Her 'Sesame Tofu Tacos' look delicious and I am definitely going to make it after my next grocery shop!

She does have a lot of her recipes on her website Nom Yourself!


This book literally has something for any occasion or craving! It has recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert and snacks in-between. If you're looking for something wholesome and hearty or some inspiration so you can use up the things in your fridge there will almost definitely be a recipe to try.

I love seafood and can't wait to try her recipe for 'Tempura Chilli Squid'!

I have attached links to all the names of the cookbooks, if you click the name it will take you to a site where you can purchase it from!

Is there a cookbook you love that I should I add to my collection?

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