This week Demi Lovato released her Vanity Fair photoshoot all about having confidence and being comfortable in your own skin, as she said herself; "no makeup, no clothes, no retouching". Now you don't have to do exactly what she did and strip down but it does show that you should be comfortable with who you are and in what you are doing in life, she also said ".. life is too short". You shouldn't have to feel like you have to fit in with the crowd. You will still get the people who will judge you and try and bring you down, just like the comments on Demi's pictures, but if you try and not let those people affect you in a negative way, you will be the better person. 

Now I know being confident in everything can be hard and sometimes scary, but you don't have to be scared. Just aiming for one goal at a time is perfect. The good things in life take time and effort, once you have them never let them go.  I have felt uncomfortable and even anxious when it comes to social situations for years. Talking to people in a big group or to someone I have only just met used to be terrifying and I'd get so worked up I would feel sick. Then over the years I have started speaking up every now and then and when be able to reply back to someone without having a mind blank. It is still uncomfortable but much easier and once you get in on a roll you will feel great!! Self image is also an important topic when it comes to self esteem and confidence. If you struggle to feel confident or are feeling a bit low, I want you to say to yourself the first thing that comes to your mind and say it out loud or even write it down, E.g. "I like the colour of my eyes, it is special to me". And when you feel this way again write a new one or look at one you have said before. Keep them in a jar somewhere in your room/home.  Now these don't have to be just physical things, you could also like the way your voice sound or your caring nature towards people and the world around you.  If you want to write in the comments what you said today, this will help give each other inspiration and you may even see something you never even thought about!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

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