Who doesn't love a sweet treat? Especially around Halloween!

We used to get hard candy apples from the supermarket when I was little but now they don't seem to bring them out anymore, I had the best Toffee Apple in Bath (UK) when we went on a family holiday, it was very different from the hardy candy ones, it was soft and decorated in all different toppings like a cupcake.

I have always wanted to try and make Candy Apples and didn't realise how popular they were in America; in places like Disney and the County Fairs.

What you will need:

6-8 tart green apples

2 1/2 cups of granulated sugar

1 1/2 cup of water

1 cup glucose syrup/corn syrup

6 drops of black gel food colouring

  1. Rinse apples to remove wax/residue. 

  2. Grease baking paper and place on a baking tray, set aside for later.

  3. Pierce apples with wooden skewers (paddle pop sticks, or whatever health safe skewer thats halloweeny)

  4. Add water, sugar, glucose syrup/corn syrup and food colouring to a medium pot and mix over a medium heat until all the sugar granules have dissolved.

  5. With a pastry brush wipe down the sides off the pot with water to stop the mixture crystallising.

  6. Turn up the heat and allow the candy/caramel to boil until it reaches 150 degrees celsius on a candy thermometer.

  7. Now's the bit where we turn our ordinary apples into dark and mysterious apples perfect for halloween! Carefully dip each apple in the hot mixture and rotate so you cover the entire apple (you may need to put the pot on an angle depending on how much candy mixture you make).

  8. Place each apple on the greased baking paper, here is when you can add some decorations like sprinkles while the candy/caramel is still hot!

  9. Let cool for an hour or 2 before consuming. If you want them for an event the following day, wrap them in cellophane and tie a festive ribbon or twine around the top to stop the moisture seeping in. 

  10. Enjoy!

Hint: If you can't get a smooth finish or just don't like the look of your candy apple, you can always add extras. I used the rest of the caramel and spun it around two chopsticks to create this web looking addition. 

If you make these Candy Apples I would love to see! You can tag @alibrille on Instagram and I will be on the lookout for your awesome designs, even mix it up a bit like adding a different colour or adding your own decorations!

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