Christmas is in the air at Bath & Body Works. And as the weather is becoming quite cold now and this can cause the skin to become dry. So what better way to create silky smooth skin and be surrounded with festive aromas than a creamy body lotion.

There are five 'Holiday Traditions' fragrances and I added one other body lotion.

Winter Candy Apple: This is quite a warm scented lotion, I can just imagine putting this on and then sitting next to the fireplace in warm fuzzy pyjamas with a hot chocolate. It is a lighter scent that is not overpowering, but still will last you for a good couple of hours.

Key notes: Apple, Winter Rose Petals, Candied Orange, Maple Leaf, Fresh Cinnamon

Merry Berry Christmas: I feel like a little kid when I smell this one, there is something about it that brings back good memories. It has a very fresh scent, one of the more fruity ones. This would be perfect for during the day, none of these lotions leave your skin feeling greasy. Once it soaks into your skin it leaves you feeling soft and hydrated. 

Key notes: Raspberries, Holly Berries, Pink Prosecco, Jasmine Wreath, Crystal Musk

Twisted Peppermint: This is candy cane heaven, it is like walking through a row candy canes on a fluffy path of fairy floss. It isn't an intense smell it is just sweet and creamy. This might not be everyone cup of tea but it is lovely for the festive season.

Key notes: Peppermint, Sugared Snow, Vanilla Buttercream, Fresh Balsam, Hint of Musk

Vanilla Bean Noel: Vanilla is a usual scent that you can get is lotions and creams. This one is on the sweeter side, it also has a warm aroma like 'Winter Candy Apple'. This is one you could use even after Christmas is passed. 

Key notes: Fresh Vanilla Bean, Warm Caramel, Sugar Cookies, Whipped Cream, 

Snowkissed Musk

Be Joyful: This one has a more perfumed scent to it. If you are not into wearing perfume or want a subtle perfume this is perfect. It is fresh, clean and a really beautiful scent. Also one that you can where throughout the year.

Key notes: Clementine, Golden Mango, Frosted Jasmine, Winter Melon, Shimmering Sugar

Jingle All The Way:  You will like this one if you want something other than the traditional winter scents like peppermint and cinnamon. It is a refreshing scent among all the others. Another one that could be worn throughout the year.

Key notes: Clementine, Sparkling Snowflakes, North Pole Vanilla, Holiday Poppies, 

Blue Spruce

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