This is a Limited Edition collection and is available online or in Sephora stores for US$12.50 each. 

There are 10 collections coming out that Formula X have collaborated with 10 of well know icons in beauty, fashion and wellness to create 3 nail polish colours to represent them and what they do. Every month they will release a new inspirational persons colours and share their story that goes along with it.

Formula X polishes are all cruelty free and really well made so the application is smooth and the life of your manicure or pedicure is long lasting. I can make my manicure nearly last a whole week without chips!

SATIN SLIPPERS - This is the perfect ballet pointe colour, it has very fine glitter in it giving it that satin look that ballet slippers are known for. When I was a little girl I always loved watching the ballerinas float on their pointe shoes across the stage and always wanted to learn how to glide like them. This is the perfect colour if you are not big into the bold look. It is very build-able so you can have a sheer look or an opaque pearly pink look.

LILAC FAIRY - Mary Helen said that this colour was inspired by a soft, romantic lilac tutu worn in her favourite fairy tale ballet. This is also a soft and beautiful colour. This one is a solid colour with no glitter in it, so if you're not into the shimmery look this is a lovely colour and perfect to wear year round.

BALLET BARRE - A bold and daring but yet beautiful, its deep platinum and metallic look brings a fierceness to finish of this collection. Ballet is usually known for its soft and elegant moves across the stage but it takes a lot of hard work and power to create a breathtaking performance and this colour shows that you may only see the amazing final performance but there is a lot of power and determination leading up to it.

"Poised and powerful, these are the ultimate barre necessities!" - Mary Helen Bowers

Hope you are having a good day!

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