Updated: May 24, 2020

When I was a little girl I remember my mum and grandma always having something from this amazing brand called Lancôme. Over a decade later I was lucky enough to work for them as a beauty advisor for one of their retail counters and got to experience the simple elegance of Lancôme and share it with others. (Sadly don't work for them anymore, as I had to move)

If you every get to go to a Lancôme counter, you have to and experience one of their beauty services using products that will suit your skin.

The 'Absolue Precious Cells' range is one of the top ranges in Lancôme's skincare and includes some of the more pricer items, but I have seen some amazing results on returning customer who swear by it!

'Absolue Yeux' is a concentrate for around the eye area and anywhere else you feel like you want to illuminate and find you may have expression lines forming like the forehead area. You may be wondering what a concentrate does, there are so many products out there with all different terms on them that it can make it a bit confusing.

So basically a concentrate is like a serum, it is the first thing you put on your skin after you have cleansed it. It is designed so it can penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin and work from beneath increasing the effects of your skincare routine. Then you apply your cream to create a protective layer that works on the superficial layer of the skin.

This concentrate is multi-regenerative, using active ingredients that are created to give you a radiant, youthful and smother appearance around the contours of the eyes.

It has a slight iridescent glow that instantly brightens the eye area which is great if you are like me and suffer from dark under-eye circles!

When you apply it you want to work around the orbital bone, you will be able to feel it if you lightly press your finger around your eye area. Just massage it in small circular motions always working from the inner corner to the outer this will help move any excess fluid under your eyes if you suffer from puffiness. This massage movement will also help the muscles around your eyes to relax and will help in the process of diminishing any lines and wrinkles. One tip that is really important is to never going in any further inwards towards your eye. You always want to stick to that orbital bone, think of the skin around your eye as a tissue and when you dip it in water you will be able to see it work its way up the tissue. Your eye area is like this, it is very absorbent and if you flood it with product then it can have an adverse effect and you could end up with puffy eyes or milia.

This range won't be for everyone but if you are every walking past a Lancôme counter pop in and ask them about the products and see what will work best for your skin.

Have you used any Lancôme products? What was your favourite?

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