This year I would like to accomplish a few things, I know this list is a bit late but there is still plenty of 2018 to go.

This year I will be moving down to Victoria, Australia and be located pretty close to Melbourne! I have always wanted to go to Melbourne and experience what it has to offer.

So here is a few things I would like to achieve this year!

Be Consistent with My Blog

Over the years I have uploaded a few posts a month but having a full time job and wanting to write blog post can be a bit of a juggle. I am hopefully going to have a better upload system working as I have tried to pre organise so that I can post the best content I can on a regular basis.

Work Harder with my Fitness & Health

I am currently working out and have a daily schedule so that I can fit everything in. I have never been to into exercise but ever since I started working out and eating better it has made me want to continue it. Once you start to see results not just in the physical appearance but internal as well you get that drive to push yourself a little harder and further yourself to the best you can be.

Have High Tea at The Langham Melbourne

I have always wanted to have High Tea at The Langham hotel ever since I went to product training there when I worked for Lancôme. It was so elegant and reminded me of 'The Plaza' in 'Bride Wars'. I didn't get to experience the Plaza's high tea when I lived in the US but I am sure the Langham one will be just as good! Hopefully I will get there for my 23rd birthday! (fingers crossed, haha)

Try Something I Have Never Done

I'm not sure what this may be, it may be just me stepping out of my comfort zone to pursue something I am passionate about or trying something completely different like snowboarding.

As long as it's not dangerous I am going to try and say yes to things that I may usually say no to.

The year of the YES!

Is there something that you are wanting to do achieve this year? 

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