While most of us are still locked down at home, it can be starting to get a bit cabin feverish and we're missing going out for even the small things like a coffee date or walking around the shops chatting. I have come up with a list of things that I have found to be helpful to keep the days interesting and make the most of the time we are spending at home with a bit of self loving, embracing nature in the kitchen or backyard and having a good laugh with family and friends online. It can be a trying time and making us feel out of routine, but adding a bit of fun and positivity to everyday can make a huge difference in our attitudes and help us enjoy live with all its ups and downs.

Here are 10 things to do or try out this at home without breaking the bank:

  1. Try out a temporary hair colour. With everything still shut down or with limited opening hour, why not try something new. I recently put peach temporary colour in my hair for fun and it helped me get out of my rut I was in and also disguise my regrowth a bit.

  2. Come up with a quiz game to play with your friends and family over video chat. A great one to test how well people know each other is if one person comes up with 20 questions about themselves then its a competition to see who knows who best. This can then be played multiple times for different people, it's like that Youtube Challenge that was around a few years ago.

  3. Make one of those trending whipped Dalgona Coffee's, they are actually quite delicious and not just pretty to look at. I have been making the whipped coffee with other instant brands for a different flavour. The best brand I have found are https://www.wearelittles.com/, they have so many different flavours and I especially been loving; Gingerbread Cookie, Maple Walnut & Rich Hazelnut.

  4. Start a garden. Now I know that not everyone has outdoor space and a lot of people live in apartments but if theres a will theres a way. Here are a few products to get you started:

Mr Fothergill's Vegetable Garden Starter Kit - A$18

Kitchen Essentials Herb Planter - A$27.55 - A$38.27

Cocktail Grow Kit - A$18.37

Salsa Grow Kit - A$18.37

Culinary Herb Garden Kit - Easily Grow 10 Culinary Herbs - A$24.99

5. Go for an early morning walk to watch the sunrise. It's a perfect way to start the day

especially since we are staying inside more than normal at the moment it is still

important to go outside and get some Vitamin D and fresh air. And because not

many people will be out so early it is a great time to go.

6. Have a costume competition for your Zoom meeting or with your family and friends

on a Friday to have a bit of fun and change it up a bit.

7. Learn Yoga, I have been really getting into yoga at the moment and have been loving

Yoga With Adriene on Youtube. The 30 Days of Yoga is an amazing way to start if

you have never done yoga before.

8. Make Christmas Cards, now I know this one is really random but if your at home,

bored and don't know what to do, why not get a bit creative. Most crafting shops

deliver so why not have a look and be a bit creative while in isolation. Now it doesn't

have to be Christmas themed, I know there are different festivals and holidays

towards the end of the year like Chanukah and there is heaps of different crafting

options for any holiday. Here are some places to get festive crafting supplies at the


Michaels Art Supplies & Crafts

The Christmas Cart


9. Have a spa day, as beauty salons and spas are currently closed everyone is feeling

the need for a tidy up. If you're keen to give tinting and tidying your brows up there is

a tint brand that I have tried and approve off, it is pretty similar to the professional

salon products I've used in the past (I have linked it below). If you're a bit nervous

about getting the right shape, I would recommend drawing/filling in your brows with a

pencil or powder to the shape you normally like to have them done, this will give you

a guide for where to put the tint and what hairs to remove. It is fine to put tint over the

product you've draw on your brows as it will still penetrate through to your hair and

skin. With removing hair, you only want to remove the hair that is outside the brow

line you've drawn this will help make sure you don't over pluck.

Lash & Brow Tint

10. Throw an Indoor Picnic (our in your back yard). This one is to help break the routine

that might have formed while being stuck inside or at home. Just making the effort to

put together a nice lunch for yourself or your family and enjoy a bit of time together,

maybe having a break from screen time and getting out in the fresh air or opening

the windows if you can. Just really make the most of it and try to have some fun and

enjoy the time together.

What have you been up too while being at home? Have you tried anything new? Learnt a new skill?

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