The Big Apple!!! I have always wanted to visit New York and what beautiful sight is has to offer. Here are my top 10 places I want to visit.

  1. Central Park Boat House, this is the perfect place to have lunch on a sunny afternoon while looking out on the water. If your a romantic bridal movie fan like me you would of seen this place in 27 Dresses. 

  2. Seeing a show on Broadway would be amazing, I have always listened to soundtracks from multiple shows and being able to see one live would be unreal. I am interested in not just the casts story telling but the whole production; from set designs to makeup and costumes. Do you have any suggestions of shows to see?

  3. Walking through Central Park and maybe even having a picnic would be lovely. I enjoy being outdoors, its relaxing and you can have a bit of me time in the fresh air. 

  4. To be able to skate at the Rockefeller Centres Public Rink would be magical, especially at Christmas with all the twinkling lights and festivities going on around you. 

  5. Times Square in all its glory would be just a sight to see, all the bright lights and buzzing atmosphere would be an incredible memory to keep.

  6. Who doesn't know about the Radio City Rockets, the dedication to their performance in spectacular. Its quite impressive how in sync they all are and of course their high kick.  

  7. Something I would love to see at Christmas time would be the Saks Fifth Avenue window display and lights show. This iconic display is amazing and has so many intricate details in each window. 

  8. Growing up we always went to museums but the American Museum Of Natural History would be one to compete with also it was in the movie the Night at the Museum.

  9. Another movie inspired outing that I have always wanted to do is have afternoon tea at The Palm Court in the Plaza Hotel. The Plaza always look like a dream to go and visit. I would love to dress up nice and spend the afternoon talking about random stuff while drinking tea and eating pastries and scones. To have The New Yorker Tea will cost US$65 per person, but well worth the experience.Once I have done it I shall write a blog post about it with lots of pictures.

  10. Finally the Grand Central Terminal, also a beloved movie location. I don't really have a reason to visit this place but just to see what its like in real life and not on a screen.

I hope your having a good day and if there are any other places you would suggest please leave a comment below I would love to hear what you have to say!

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